Troubleshoot your 3G network connection

If you are having trouble connecting Clover to the internet, first determine whether you are connecting through an Ethernet or wireless connection. If you are connecting through:

  1. Swipe down from the top-right of the screen and see if the 3G icon is ON and has a network name.

  2.  Tap 3G network to view data usage.


    If data usage is exceeded, the 3G network will be disabled. Call your ISP to increase your data limit.

  3. If the 3G icon is grayed-out or says no service, check the following:

    • Make sure Airplane mode is turned OFF (Airplane mode will be grayed-out).
      • If Airplane mode icon is white, tap to turn it off.
    • Make sure Wi-Fi is turned OFF (the wireless icon will be grayed-out).
      • If Wi-Fi icon is active and lists a name below, tap icon to set Wi-Fi to Off.


Clover Mobile: At the bottom of your device, ensure that it says “Clover Mobile 3G” . If you see the text “Clover Mobile Wi-Fi,” your Clover Mobile is not 3G-enabled.

Clover Mini: Open the printer lid on the back of the device. If you see “Clover Mini 3G” printed on the tag, you are 3G enabled. If you see the text “Clover Mini Wi-Fi,” your Clover Mini is not 3G-enabled.

If you have a Clover Flex, your device shipped with a 3G card pre-installed.


EU ONLY: Devices in the EU do not ship with SIM cards installed.

If your Clover device is 3G-enabled, it should come with a SIM card already activated. To view its status, see Verify that SIM card is inside 3G-enabled device.

If you purchased your own data plan, contact your wireless carrier to confirm the SIM card is a GSM card, active, and has data enabled.


Only GSM SIM cards are compatible with the Clover Mini/Mobile/Flex. If the SIM card is CDMA, it will not work with the Clover device.

For device specific installation instructions goto Add / Switch out SIM card in your 3G-enabled device.


To test if you are connected to the internet,

  1. Tap Help app.
  2. If  Help app loads, the your device is connected to the Internet.


If ‘Webpage not available’ is displayed, your device is not properly connected to the Internet.

If Wireless Manager app is not installed, your SIM card is not enabled. You can download and install Wireless Manager app from the App Market. 

Make sure you have enabled the SIM card for your 3G device. Need help with that? See Enable / Disable SIM card.

To check the status of your SIM cards and your monthly data usage, see View your active SIMs.

The SIM card should automatically be activated if it is installed in your device and enabled from the Wireless Manager app.

If your device does not recognize the SIM Card,

  • Reboot your device
  • Toggle Airplane Mode to OFF

If you are enabling the SIM card for the first time, it may take a minute or more for the SIM to be detected. However, if you are in an area with spotty coverage, it may never be detected.

To view your network coverage,

  1. Open Wireless Manager app.
  2. Under status, find the service provider for active SIM cards.

service provider showing 2

  • If your SIM uses T-Mobile, input your address into this website to ensure that you are in an area with good coverage.
  • If your SIM uses AT&T, input your address into this website. Select data the device type 3G to ensure that you are in an area with good coverage.

If you are still having issues connecting to the internet via 3G, Contact Support by clicking “Call Me” from the device or your Clover Web Dashboard.