Clover Go Error Codes and Warnings

Below is a list of boarding, security and transaction errors that may display on the Clover Go app screen, with the description and actions that need to be taken.

Error Type Error on Screen Action/Description
Activation Errors Android: Invalid Email
iOS: Invalid Email
Verify the email address used is the same used for signing up for Clover Go.
Activation Errors Android: Sign In Error
iOS: Invalid Credentials
Verify your email address or password is correct. If you can successfully log in to the web dashboard please contact Clover Support.
Connection Errors Android v6: “Reader won’t connect” Error occurs on Android devices (v6 Marshmallow) when microphone is not enabled.
1. Tap on Settings>App and find the Clover Go app you have downloaded.
2. Tap on Permissions – you will see a list of permissions the app requests, and whether those permissions are toggled on or off.
3. Tap the toggle function on the Microphone to enable.
Device Settings Error Android: U3403 Sign in Error  Error occurs at sign-in:
1. Check ‘Date & Time’ in Device Settings to make sure it is set to automatic.
2. Use Device Settings > Apps > Clover Go > Clear Cache to clear the memory cache.
Display Conflict Error Android v6: “Screen Overlay” Occurs on Android v6 devices when other apps have permission to “stay on top”.

Turn off Screen Overlay:
1. Open Settings>Apps
2. Clісk оn the Three Dоtѕ in tор right corner and tар on Configure аррѕ.
3. Click оn Draw Ovеr Othеr Apps.
4. A list of downloaded apps that have the Screen Overlay permission will appear.
5. Go into each app, one by one, and Turn Off Screen Overlay.

Login Errors Android: You have been locked out
iOS: User login disabled. You have been locked out
This displays when an incorrect Passcode has been entered five consecutive times. Check to see you have the correct login credentials and allow five minutes before trying to login again.

Please contact Clover Support if this doesn’t work.

Initialize Reader Screen Errors Android: Error Initializing please try later
iOS: Unable to detect Reader. Please re-insert Clover Go reader or check for volume limit in settings under Music app
Check to see that volume restrictions are not set.

Android: Settings>Phone>Sounds & Vibrations>Volume

iOS: Settings>Music>Volume Limit (OFF)

Initialize Reader Screen Errors Android: Error Initializing
iOS: Unable to access microphone. Please enable access for microphone in your phone’s privacy settings
Enable access to your microphone in your phone’s privacy settings for your card to work properly.
Installation Login Error Android or iOS: “Pin Already Taken” Login error occurs when a non-Admin email address is used during set up of Clover Go.

If your email address is assigned to another profile under the “Employee Role,” that role will need to be switched to admin, or you may use a different email address during setup.

Reader Disconnected Error Anrdoid or iOS: “Reader Disconnected” 1. Make sure Reader is charged and both lights are on and solid.
2. Confirm microphone access is enabled.
3. Turn of any apps that access the microphone. For example, talk to text or S-Voice.
4. Remove any case from the device.
If the reader still won’t connect, contact Clover Support.
Payment Type Errors Android: Chip read failed, Remove and re-insert card
iOS: Chip read failed, Remove and re-insert card
You will need to re-insert the card as the card reader was unable to read the chip. Make sure the card is facing the correct direction.
Payment Type Errors Android: Transaction failed
iOS: Not applicable
Possible connectivity issues or a referral type transaction.
If it continues to happen, the merchant can try the following:

  • Swipe a non EMV card from the consumer
  • Manually enter the card
  • Take an alternate form of payment (cash or check)
 Payment Type Errors Android or iOS: (Error Code P7011) Payment Status – Your card reader cannot be used with this version of Clover Go app. You have the wrong card reader for your processor.  Please contact customer support using the phone number located in Settings>Help & Support.

Send Receipt Errors Android: Send Receipt Failed
iOS: Receipt Send Failed, invalid email address
Please advise your customer that their email address is invalid and to verify a correct email address.
Tax Errors Android: Get taxes failed
iOS: Unable to retrieve merchant taxes.
Indicative of network connection failures. Please try when connectivity is restored.
Receipt/Transaction Detail Errors Android: Get order failed
iOS: Unable to retrieve order details.
Indicative of network connection failures. Please try when connectivity is restored.
Transaction Duplication Warning Android or iOS: “Possible Duplicate Transaction Detected” Duplicate transactions can occur at the point of sale because of network connectivity issues. If a card is swiped a second time, and fields are identified as similar to a recent transaction, this screen warning is displayed:
Other Generic Error Messages Android or iOS: “Error occurred – please contact us at 855-853-8340 so that we can help resolve it (U4403)” 1. If on WiFi, try resetting Router or switch to 3G/4G.
2. If on 3G/4G make sure the Time/Date is set to Automatic and/or Correct.
3. Make sure the correct time zone is set correctly.
Transaction Entry Errors iOS: NAN error when entering a transaction

NAN = Not A Number

1. Verify that you are using the standard iOS onscreen keyboard
2. Verify that there is not a % or & or any other foreign character present when entering sale amount.
3. Verify your device’s region is set to U.S. and Language is set to English (American).
Transaction Failure Android or iOS: P5021: Transaction Failed Exceeds Limit You are attempting to submit a transaction that exceeds your allowable ticket limit as outlined in the processing agreement.

If you want to increase your limit, please contact customer support using the phone number located in Settings>Help & Support within the Clover Go app.

Transaction Search Errors Android: Retrieve history failed
iOS: Unable to retrieve transactions.
Indicative of network connection failures. Try again when you have connectivity.
Transaction Submission Error Android or iOS: “Forbidden” or “Unable to Process Error 3404” Check for special characters in item name or memo/notes. Remove any special characters and try transaction again.
Crash to Home Screen Android or iOS 1. Make sure Language is set to English (American) and Region is set to U.S.
2. Make sure Keyboard is set to default.



Red LED Status (350 Contact Reader)

Status RED LED Behavior
Out of Battery power OFF (and Green LED OFF)
Very Low Battery ON/OFF for 1 second every 6 seconds
Low Battery ON/OFF for 1 second for every 3 seconds
Full charge ON all the time
Battery in recharge ON/OFF for 12 second every 1 second
Unexpected Issues (Device Alive) ON/OFF for every 1.5 seconds every 1.5 seconds (with Green LED)

Green LED Status (350 Contact Reader)

Status GREEN LED Behavior
Device Starting sequence ON/OFF for 1.5 seconds every 1.5 seconds
Ready for transaction ON full time
Waiting for card ON and Beep for 1 second
Reading the card ON/OFF for 0.5 seconds every 0.5 seconds
Card Read Error ON but error message will be shown on the Clover Go app
Remove the Card ON and beep for 1 second
Unexpected issues (device alive) ON/OFF for 1.5 seconds every 1.5 seconds (with RED LED)
Security triggered OFF full time (Red LED ON)

4 LED Array Status (Top of 450 Contactless Reader)

 Status 4 LED Array Behavior
Waiting for Transaction 1st Left ON solid Blue: 
Transaction completed successfully All LEDs in succession: 
Processing Error / Device Off or Idle No LEDs:

Blue LED Status (Left Side of 450 Contactless Reader)

Status 4 LED Array Behavior
Go in Standby ON/OFF for 1 second every 1 second
Bluetooth Connected to Mobile Device ON steady

Red LED Status (Right Side of 450 Contactless Reader)

Status Red LED Behavior
Battery Full Red LED ON steady
Battery Low Red LED blinking slowly
Battery Out of Capacity Red LED is OFF
Battery Charging Red LED blinking quickly