Updating Taxes report: tax removed, taxable amount, and tax collected

Medium Impact

May 10, 2017

May 9, 2017

We are updating how the Reporting app  on all Clover devices and Web Dashboard displays information on its Taxes report regarding taxes removed, taxable amounts, and tax collected. Please see below for details.

“Taxes Removed” added to Taxes report

The Reporting app > Taxes report on Clover devices will have a Tax Removed section that lists the total taxable amount for orders where you’ve removed the tax.

This information can also be found on Web Dashboard in Reporting app > Taxes > Payments.

“Taxable Amount” and “Tax Collected” always visible on Taxes report

We are updating Reporting app > Taxes > Net Taxes on Clover devices to always show the Taxable Amount and Tax Collected fields, even if you do not have any tax rates set.