Updating Promos app: promos made pay-per-use and free trial added

Medium Impact

We are updating the Promos app  to make real-time promos pay-per-use, as well as offering you a free trial for sending promos to your contactable customers.

Once you have built your customer list, you can send promos directly to your customers. Promos will cost 10¢ per audience member and all charges will show up on your monthly billing statement. Customer Engagement Plus subscribers can send unlimited promos at no charge.

You can try promos at no cost through our trial. If you have 10 or more contactable customers, you can send one promo at no charge. If you have less than 10, you can send multiple free promos until you reach 10 contactable customers.

To send a real-time promo:

  1. Open Promos app  on your Clover device or Web Dashboard
  2. Tap Create a new promo
  3. Customize your promo
  4. Tap Continue
  5. Tap Send for $X.XX
  6. Tap Confirm and Send