See more customer details with new features in the Customers app

Medium Impact

US Release: September 8, 2017 to September 27, 2017

We are updating the Customers app  on Clover Station, Clover Mini, Clover Mobile, Clover Flex, and Web Dashboard with new features that provide greater insight into your customers’ behavior:

  • The Customer Profile has been redesigned for a richer view of your customer’s value, highlighting important statistics from Rewards app , Promos app , and Feedback app 
  • A new dropdown menu on the Customers list screen lets you filter between Audiences, Regulars, and VIPs

Redesigned customer profile screen

Clover Customer Engagement Basic and Plus users will see relevant customer statistics on the customer profile screen, such as how many perks or points are available to the customer and recent feedback sent from receipts via SMS or the Perka app .

The customer contact information section protects and hides customer privacy information entered from the Rewards, Promos, and Feedback apps, such as phone numbers and email address. You can still message and reward these customers through the Promos and Feedback apps.

All customer information saved directly into your Customers app or provided as part of the receipts flow will still be plainly viewable as it always has.

If a customer has more than one phone number or email address, you can see all of them by tapping VIEW FULL PROFILE. You can also see if the customer is a part of your audience or contactable through the Promos app.

New filter for Customers list

You use the new dropdown menu on the Customers main screen to filter between Audiences (customers contactable through Promos), Regulars (customers that visited between 15 and 30 times), and VIPs (customers that visited more than 30 times).

The Create a Promo button has been moved from the “All” view into the “Audience” view, where it better reflects the actual customers eligible to receive special offers and promotions.