New visual design and features for Shifts app

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US Release: August 30, 2016 to September 19, 2016

EU Release: November 7, 2016 to November 16, 2016

Shifts Version 1.0-1119 and higher  (Learn how to find current app version.)

The Shifts app shifts-app-icon has the following updates and new features to improve your experience:

  • Updated design for the Clock in and Clock out buttons
  • A menu that lets you access Shifts-related settings and Help screens
  • The ability to delete shifts
  • Open orders appear on employee’s shift details
  • The ability to view and print shift reports within a set date range on Web Dashboard
  • A new permission that lets you choose who can see their shift’s sales information

Updated Clock in and Clock out buttons

The Clock in and Clock out buttons have new designs. The Clock in button is a green clock, while the Clock out button is a red clock. The Clock in icon only appears if you are not clocked into a shift, and the Clock out icon only appears if you are clocked in.

To clock in or clock out:

  1. Open Shifts app shifts-app-icon
  2. To clock in, tap the green clock icon
  3. To clock out, tap the red clock icon

new shifts 1

Shifts app menu

We have added a menu that lets you access the Shifts app’s settings, Help, and see the terms of service and privacy policy.

To access the menu, tap the navicon in the upper left corner of the Shifts appnew shifts 7

new shifts 2

Delete shifts in the Shifts app

You can delete shifts in the Shifts app on a Clover device. This is helpful for cleaning up your records.


In order to delete shifts, you must enable the “Edit shifts” permission in the Employees app employee-app-store_7501289948046096566_200x200.png. If the permission is not enabled, the Delete Shift button will not appear.

To enable editing shifts:

  1. Open Employees app employee-app-store_7501289948046096566_200x200.png
  2. Select Permissions
  3. Select View app permissions under Access Shifts
  4. In Edit shifts, check the boxes to decide which employee roles can edit shifts

shift permissions 3

To delete a shift:

  1. Open Shifts app shifts-app-icon
  2. Select the shift you want to delete
  3. Tap Delete Shift

new shifts 3

Open orders on shift details

If an employee has any open orders remaining, the number of open orders will display under OPEN ORDERS. This help keeps track of any open orders that need to be closed by your employees.

new shifts 4

View and print shifts by data range, on Web Dashboard

You can set a date range on Web Dashboard’s Shifts app to see all details and export a shift report on all shifts within that date range.

new shifts 5

New permission to view shift’s sales information

We have added a permission that lets you choose whether or not employees can see their shift’s sales information. Employees that do not have permission will only see how much money they made through tips and service charges, while employees with permission can see how much money they’ve made through sales and how much they’ve refunded to customers.

To edit what employees see in shift details:

  1. Open Employees app employee-app-store_7501289948046096566_200x200.png
  2. Select the Permissions tab
  3. Select View app permissions under Access Shifts
  4. Find View shift’s sales information and check the employee box to let employees see their shift’s sales information; uncheck the box to prevent employees from seeing their shift’s sales information

shift permissions 2