New Promotions tab

High Impact

January 28, 2016

If you are a Sales Admin and have “manage promotions” permission selected, you will now see a new Promotions tab from your Web Dashboard. From here, you will be able to manage the following for your reseller:

  • Logos
  • Featured Apps
  • Message

The options set for each reseller will propagate to sub-resellers.

Color Logo

From your Web Dashboard, you will now be able to upload a color logo which will display on App Market both on Clover devices and on Web Dashboard.

You will need to abide by strict logo guidelines in order to upload your color logo.

upload logo

White Logo

You will also be able to upload a white logo which will display on Clover devices’ homescreens and on homepage for merchants’ Web Dashboard.

Similarly, you will need to abide by strict logo guidelines in order to upload your white logo.

Featured Apps

You will now have the option to pick from a list of published apps to feature in your merchants’ App Markets. You can order the apps so that merchants could see these featured apps in order in a carousel in their App Market App Market icon.

featured apps


You can now display a message to your merchants. If you choose to display a message, this message will be visible on your merchants’ Web Dashboard homepage and Clover devices’ homescreen. These messages are intended to be short so you will need to keep your message to 512 characters maximum.

Message to merchants