Improved control over when order receipts auto-print

High Impact

June 26, 2018

We’re updating the order receipt print settings to give you more flexibility and control over when to print order receipts. Go to Setup app > Order Receipts > How would order receipts be printed in Register? to set auto-printing options.

There is a new setting that prints order receipts if either Save or Pay is tapped. Previously, you could only have one of those buttons set to auto-print receipts when tapped.

You can also now enable the Manually print an item with no labels option for any setting in the When to Print section. Previously, you could only enable the option if Fire when hitting Pay or Fire when hitting Save was selected.

Don’t worry about your workflow being changed. If you’ve previously enabled order receipt auto-print options, they will be reflected in the new settings.

Order receipt auto-printing settings will not be available on the Web Dashboard. We will release updated settings on the Web Dashboard in a future update.