Getting a following for your business—made easier

Medium Impact

November 15, 2017

We’re introducing new ways for you to invite customers to follow your business and get special offers and messages from you.

They can start following you from their receipts

Email and web receipts now have a button customers can click to follow or unfollow you anytime they want. Customers following your business will see a FOLLOWING button on their receipts. Customers not yet following you will see a FOLLOW button instead.

On email receipts:

On web receipts:

Because customers can follow or unfollow you from their receipts, the option to edit a customer’s subscription status is no longer available in the Customers app. You can still use the Customers app to see a customer’s subscription status.

Let them know you don’t send spam

Some customers aren’t sure what to expect from subscribing to a business’ communications. We’ve crafted a new prompt message to follow your business, at the time your customers request a receipt through email or SMS. You can customize the message in Setup app > Payment Receipts > Marketing prompt to make it truly yours.