Customer Engagement apps update: on-device subscription management, Rewards app setting change, and Rewards app tutorial

Medium Impact

May 17, 2017

We are updating the Customer Engagement apps with the following changes:

  • Adding on-device subscription management
  • Removing Rewards settings from Rewards Validator
  • Adding Rewards app tutorial

Please see below for more details.

Adding on-device subscription management

You can manage your Rewards app Promos app , and Feedback app  subscription on your Clover device. Previously, subscription management was only adjustable from the Web Dashboard.

To change your subscription in Rewards, Promos, or Feedback:

  1. Open Rewards app Promos app , or Feedback app  on your Clover device
  2. Tap the Gear icon at top right of screen

  3. Tap Manage subscription
  4. Tap Select on the plan you want to upgrade or downgrade to
  5. Tap Confirm

Removing Rewards settings from Rewards Validator

We are removing Rewards settings from the Rewards Validator (normally accessed from the Perka tender type button in Register app  and Sales app  ). The settings can still be accessed by tapping the Gear icon on the upper right in the Rewards app.

Adding Rewards app tutorial

We are adding a How it works button that lets you see a short tutorial on how the Rewards app works.

To see the tutorial for the Rewards app:

  1. Open Rewards app 
  2. Tap the Help icon at top right of screen
  3. Tap How it works