Adding Label Summary section to Payments report

Medium Impact

We are updating the Reporting app  on all Clover devices and Web Dashboard to include a Label Summary section in the Payments report. This section appears on the main screen of Reporting app > Payments. When you export a Payments report, the Label Summary information will also be included as a .csv file.

Label Summary will show information on items that have a label assigned to them. If you have multiple revenue classes, such as “Food, Beer, and Wine,” or “Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories,” you can see how well each revenue class is doing individually instead of having to add up all the relevant categories.

Web Dashboard Reporting app

Clover device Reporting app

To show the summary for a label under Label Summary, you must check Show label in reports for that label. The label summary will appear only if items with that label were sold in the report time period.


To ensure accuracy in reporting, we recommend that you assign only one reporting label to an item.

To enable showing label in reports:

  1. Open Web Dashboard Inventory app 
  2. Click Labels
  3. Click + Add New Label to create a new label or click the Pencil icon to edit an existing label

  4. Check the Show label in reports checkbox

  5. Click Save