Customer-facing mode – Ability for customer to choose to split bill

High Impact

US Release: February 4, 2016 to February 10, 2016

We are introducing a new functionality for customers to choose to split a bill. Now, if you have a tethered Clover Mini or if you change your Clover Mobile or Clover Mini device to customer-facing view, the customer will see the option to select “Pay Full Amount” or “Split the Bill”.

split bill

If the customer chooses to split the bill, they could split the bill evenly or pay for a custom amount.

split bill 2

The customer can exit this payment flow at any time by tapping the “X” button in the upper left hand corner. If they do so, they will need to confirm that they’d like to exit the payment by tapping “Exit”:


If the customer exits the payment flow after making a partial payment, the merchant will see that the bill was partially paid for.