Add Tips & Close Out

See which orders have tips added, edit tips, and close out orders.

Clover Basics

Navigate the interface and understand the Clover platform.

Employees & Permissions

Manage employee accounts, roles, shifts, and access to apps and Web Dashboard.

Hardware Setup

Set up peripheral devices that work together with your Clover devices.

Inventory & Menu

Manage items in your inventory or restaurant menu.

Order & Item Discounts

Create and add discounts to items and orders.

Payments & Transactions

Take all forms of payments, issue refunds, edit tax and signature settings, process split payments and refunds, and view reports.


Assign and print items to their designated printers, edit receipt settings, print and reprint customer and order receipts, and send e-receipts.

Reporting & Reconciliation

See how your business is doing by viewing reports based on payments, employees, items, discounts, and more over a specified period of time.


Learn about Clover security features, such as two-factor authentication, 4- and 6-digit employee Passcodes, and the technology Clover uses to keep your business information secure.

Take an Order

Add items, modifiers, and discounts to an order, save and reopen orders, and take payments from the Register app and Tables app.

Your Customers

View and edit customer information, view previous order history for a particular customer, and search for customers to place new orders.