Reissue a receipt for an order (Orders app)

Available on Register and Register Lite Plans

This feature is only available on Register and Register Lite Plans. Learn about our Service Plans.

You can use the Orders app to reissue a receipt. This receipt can be printed or sent by email or text message.

When reissuing a receipt, you have the following options:


  • Print Order: Reprint the order for the back-of-house or kitchen.
  • Print Bill: Reprint the customer receipt.
  • Print Gift: Reprint a gift receipt.
  • Payment: Reprint or resend a payment receipt.

  1. Open Orders app 
  2. Tap the order for which you would like to reissue the receipt
  3. Tap Reissue Receipt
  4. Tap the type of receipt you wish to reissue or reprint
    • Print Order: Reprint the order for the back-of-house or kitchen
    • Print Bill: Reprint the Customer Receipt
    • Print Gift: Reprint a Gift Receipt
    • Payment receipts: print, email, text or web
  5. Tap Done