Create / Edit order types

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Available only on Register Plan

This feature is only available on Register Plan. Learn about our Service Plans.

You can use the Web Dashboard to create order types. These can appear on your receipts and can be used by any third-party ordering services you might use. For instance, a restaurant might have three order types: dine-in, delivery, and pick-up.

When adding or editing order types, the order type you select will change the additional fields you need to fill out in theĀ Setup appĀ . The order types are:

  • Dine-In
  • To Go
  • Delivery (Additional fields: Min/Max Order Amount, Fee, Max Delivery Radius, and Average Time per Order)
  • Pick Up (Additional field: Maximum Order Amount)
  • Catering
  • From the Table (Additional field: How Customers Should Identify Themselves – Customer Name, Table Number, Customer Name and Table Number)
  • Custom (Additional fields: Min/Max Order Amount, Fee, and Average Time per Order)