Create a pre-auth in the Register app

You can create a pre-auth in the Register app as long as your Clover device is online. This creates a hold on the card to ensure that the customer has enough funds to pay for the order. Customers will only see a single charge on their card.

Every time a new card is swiped to create a pre-auth in the same order, the new card’s cardholder name is added as an order note that you can edit. For example, a customer wants to associate another customer’s name to the bar tab. You can change the edit note to include the new customer’s name while the authorization will still let you know who the original cardholder is.

A single payment card can only be used for one pre-auth on a single order, but that one card can be used for pre-auths on different orders at the same time.

You cannot create a pre-auth in the Register app by swiping a card on a tethered device, such as an FD40 or a Clover Mini that’s connected to a Clover Station.


To use the pre-auth feature on the Clover Station, you need to enable swiping on Clover Station in Setup app > Payments. A Clover Station that’s tethered to another device has swiping disabled by default to protect you from EMV-related chargebacks.

Good to know

Pre-auths created in the Register app will not show up in the Bar Tab Auths app or the Authorizations app. Go to the Orders app to see the orders with the pre-auth.