Complete payment for a pre-auth

When you create a pre-auth in the Register app, the pre-auth is stored in the Orders app. You can complete payment in the Orders app.

Pre-auths are synced across all devices, so you can complete payment on a different device than the one that created the pre-auth. For example, you can create pre-auths on a Clover Station, then complete payment with a Clover Flex so customers don’t have to go up to the counter.

Orders with a pre-auth cannot be combined with any other order.

If a pre-auth is fully paid using alternate payment methods (such as cash), the pre-auth is voided once the balance is completely paid. This prevents the pre-auth from showing up on credit card statements and making customers think they’ve paid for their tab twice. 

The time it takes to remove the hold on the cardholder’s bank account will vary depending on the bank. Customers should contact their bank if they have any questions about the hold.

Unpaid pre-auths are not voided if you close out a batch. The pre-auths will remain until payment is completed.