Combine multiple orders into one order

Available only on Register Plan

This feature is only available on Register Plan. Learn about our Service Plans.

Use the Orders app  to combine two or more orders into one order. This is helpful if you want to make a single payment for several orders, saving you time from having to process multiple orders for the same customer one-by-one.

For example, a mother and daughter come into your hair salon, and the mother wants to pay for both haircuts. You can combine the two orders into one, so your customer only needs to make one payment.

  • Only open orders created in the Register app, with at least one item, can be combined
  • When you combine orders, only the order information from the destination order, the order that the others are combined into, will display; order information from the other order(s) will not be copied over


Admins and managers can combine orders by default. The permission to allow employees to combine orders can be found in the Employees app  > Access RegisterCombine Orders.

Combining orders cannot be undone. Make sure the orders you want to combine are correct before combining.