Add a new authorization

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Available only on Register Plan

This feature is only available on Register Plan. Learn about our Service Plans.

To add a new authorization:

  1. Open Authorizations app 
  2. Tap the green Add button on the lower right
  3. Enter the authorization amount
  4. Tap Authorize

  5. Pre-authorize a payment one of the following ways:
    • Swipe card
    • Insert chip card
    • Tap for NFC
    • Type card number manually
  6. Optional: Enter a name for the auth in the Name field, then tap Continue
    • Tap Skip to skip this step
  7. Optional: Send the receipt to the customer one of the following ways:
    • Tap Print Customer Receipt to print a receipt to a connected Clover Mobile Printer
    • Tap Email Receipt and enter the customer’s email address to send the receipt via email
    • Tap Text Message and enter the customer’s phone number to send the receipt via text
  8. Tap Done