Access Register Settings

The Register app  has a Register Settings screen where you can enable or disable certain settings. Register Settings contains the following checkboxes:

  • Allow notes on Orders (not printed on customer receipts): check this to allow writing notes on Order Receipts
  • Remain in category after adding an item to an order: check this to remain in the same category screen after adding an item to an order; if this is not checked, adding an item will return you to the Register app home screen

  • Automatically group similar items: check this to group similar items into one line

  • Enable Fast Pay with cash: check this to enable Fast Pay With Cash

  • Enable quantity (QTY) bar on items screen: check this to display the quantity bar in Register app; this setting is device-specific and needs to be enabled on each individual device

  • Allow taxes to be removed from an order: check this to enable removing taxes from an order

  • Tap SEE ADDITIONAL SETTINGS to go to the Setup app