Clover Go Setup: Taxes, Tips and Inventory FAQs

Tax FAQs

How do I create my tax rates?

Login to your Web Dashboard at and select the Setup app.  From within the Setup app you will see Taxes as an option on the left hand side.  Click that to add one or more taxes.

How do I apply tax rates for custom items?

There is a dropdown in the custom item screen of the app allowing you to apply any or all of the tax rates you created on the Web Dashboard.

Where did the tax rates that were in the Settings Drawer go?

The tax rates for custom items now appear in the custom item screen via a dropdown.

I selected the tax rate in the app I want to apply, but it is not applying to my inventory items. Why?

The tax rate selected via the Settings Drawer is only applied to custom items.  For inventory items, the tax rate set in the Web Dashboard will be applied.

How do I change the tax rate for Inventory Items in the app?

You need to go to the Web Dashboard and change either Default Tax rate or specific tax rates for the items you want to affect. Exit the Dashboard and the app will update with the new tax rates. NOTE: This affects all users.

Can I apply more than one tax rate to an item?

Yes. In the Inventory app on the Web Dashboard you can select which taxes you want to apply to an item.

I sell in different locations with different tax rates throughout the day. How can I accommodate that?

You can set up multiple tax rates in the Web Dashboard and then change the default rate to match the location you are in when you go to a new location.

Why am I unable to apply a tax rate in the app?

Tax rates only apply to Custom Items within Inventory Mode.  If you do not have the ability to switch to Inventory Mode, check your plan via the Clover Dashboard ( by logging in to your account, selecting App Market, then Service Plan.  Only Register Service Plan has access to functions such as inventory and Taxes. Payments Plus merchants cannot access taxes within the app.

Tip FAQs

How can I enable or disable Tips for the app?

Login to your Web Dashboard at and select the Setup app, you will then see Tips as an option on the left hand side.  Click that and you will be able to control whether or not the Tip screen presents by checking or unchecking the “ask for tip” box.  You can also configure what percentages are displayed as options.  Please note, the Tip Label will not carry through to the Clover Go app.

How do I add a tip to a transaction?

Make sure tips are enabled in your Web Dashboard. To do that, login to your Web Dashboard at and select the setup app, you will then see Tips as an option on the left hand side.  Click that and ensure the “Ask for tip” box is checked.  If the box is checked in the Web Dashboard then the tip screen will appear once you select a payment type or swipe/dip a card. Hand the device to the customer and have them select their tip.

NOTE: If it is an EMV transaction do not remove the card until instructed to.

Can I add a tip after completing the transaction?

No. Clover Go does not support tip adjustment.

Why isn’t it prompting me to add a tip?

Make sure you have tips enabled. If you do, tips are not allowed if there is a partial authorization. You must take the full payment or payment for the remainder of the balance for the tip screen to appear.

Inventory and Inventory Mode FAQs

What is Inventory Mode?

Inventory Mode allows for selecting inventory items that were setup via the Clover Dashboard at during checkout.  If you have a set of fixed items or services, this option allows you to select from a pre-defined list for faster checkout.

How do I setup inventory items?

Use the Web Dashboard at; select the Inventory App icon to start adding your inventory.

When setting up your inventory, only those items that have “show in register” checked will be displayed on the Clover Go app.

How do I access Inventory Mode?

If your Service Plan is Register, you can switch between Quick mode and Inventory mode within the app.  Simply slide the slider in the upper right hand corner on the main screen to toggle between the two.

I added inventory (or made changes) within my Web Dashboard but do not see those changes reflected in the app…what did I do wrong?

Open the settings drawer, logout, then log back in with your PIN.  Inventory will be refreshed when you log back in to the app.  If it’s still not refreshed, you might have to wait a few minutes and try again.

Do you support Inventory Management?

Yes, but in a very limited way. Clover Go transactions will deduct from the stock count in the Inventory app on the Web Dashboard. But, refunds do not add back into the stock in the Inventory app on the Web Dashboard. Also, Clover Go will not prevent you from selling more items than you have in stock. The count in the Inventory app will go negative. Note: Track Stock needs to be unchecked for 3rd Party stock apps to work.

Can I add items to the inventory from within the app?

Not at this time. All inventory items need to be added through the Clover Web Dashboard.  The Clover Web Dashboard has been optimized for use on mobile devices so you could ling to from within the settings drawer and add inventory while on the go.  Remember to logout and log back in after you make any changes to inventory.

I see items in my Inventory app when I look at the Clover dashboard, but do not see then in Clover Go.  Why?

Look to see if “show in register” is checked, only if that box is checked will the item be pulled into the Clover Go app.  Also, make sure the price for the item is “fixed”.

I added modifier groups/variants/options to an item, why don’t they display in the app?

That feature of the Inventory app is not currently supported within the Clover Go app.

How do I add Inventory items to an order?

Tap on either Add Custom Item (if not in your inventory) or tap on the item(s) you wish to add. Then either create a custom item or tap on the inventory item(s) you want to add. Then tap Add to Order. You can add multiple quantities of an item by tapping it multiple times.  In addition, quantities for an inventory item can be changed on iOS devices by tapping the three dots to the right of the price or by swiping to the left and tapping “edit” or “delete”. And on Android devices by tapping the three dots to the right and then selecting “edit” or “clear” in the popup.

I added an item to inventory and set it up with a variable price.  However, I do not see that item when I pull up inventory within the app. 

The app currently does not support variable priced or per unit priced items.  You will need to change it to Fixed price in order to see and select it within the Clover Go app.

I am in Inventory Mode and added one item to my order.  Now I want to switch to Quick Mode, but the toggle is greyed out.  Why is that?

Inventory mode and Quick Mode are mutually exclusive.  You cannot have a mix of the 2 in the same order.  If you need to add an ad-hoc item while in Inventory mode, you can do so by adding a Custom Item.  Once you start your order in one mode, the toggle will be greyed out and not “switchable” to the other until the order is complete or cleared.

I have a large inventory, how can I quickly find the item(s) I want to select?

You can either use the search function by tapping the magnifying glass icon to the right of your DBA name and then typing in your search OR You can switch to categories mode by tapping the Categories button. Note: Categories can be assigned to an item in the Inventory App on the Web Dashboard.

When I tap an item to add it to the order the app crashes. What could be the cause?

Make sure the region setting in the device is set to United States.

What is “Add Custom Item”?

This feature is used if you need to add an item that is not setup on your inventory items list.