Set up Network

Tips on Setting up a Reliable Internet Network for Clover

Your Internet connection

Internet is required to activate your Clover device.

If you do not currently have an Internet connection, contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your area. Your ISP will provide you with a router and modem. Given a choice, we suggest getting the Belkin N150 router for your Clover device.

Please make sure that you know your network name.


If your business is located in a hotel, hospital, court house, pharmaceutical, or an environment where Internet connection is provided for and maintained solely by the collective building IT staff, you may need to contact your IT personnel to get your Clover devices connected to the Internet.

In the case that you have a Static IP connection, you will need to provide the MAC address of your Clover devices to your IT personnel and they will need to provide with you with the additional information that you will need (like IP address, Default Gateway, etc.).

Network Best Practices

If your device is out of 3G connectivity range, you can set up your 3G service after the install using the Wireless Manager app.


Do have a Clover dedicated router

We recommend having a router that is dedicated to hosting Clover-related needs only, such as a Belkin N150. If you offer Wi-Fi for your customers or have other devices that need connection to the internet, please provide a separate router for them.

Do keep simultaneous activities low

High-traffic activity on the same internet Connection as your devices, such as streaming music or videos, can disrupt or delay your processing. Avoid this activity or ensure that you have sufficient bandwidth to support simultaneous activities.

Do NOT use your neighbor’s WiFi

If you are using your neighbor’s Wifi solution and there is any disconnection, you will not have the ability to directly troubleshoot the issue. Your signal may also be weaker than if you had an internet source directly in your business’ vicinity.

Do NOT use WEP if connecting Clover to a wireless network

For your added security, Clover Flex devices are only compatible with WPA2 networks. They are not be compatible with WEP networks.