This article explains what modifiers and modifier groups are in the Clover system, and how you can add or remove them as need for your inventory.


A modifier is an option for further describing an item and can be associated with a cost. Modifiers need to be created within a Modifier group. Example
  • A restaurant that makes burritos might create a modifier group called Toppings with modifiers: Extra Cheese, No Cheese, Sour Cream.
  • A cafe that offers drinks might create a modifier group called Milk with modifiers: 0% Milk, 2% Milk, Whole Milk, Half and Half.

Modifier group

A modifier group can contain Modifiers, which can be added to items in an order. Modifier groups can be assigned to items. If an item has a modifier group associated, all of the modifiers in that modifier group will be options for that item in the order. You can set a minimum and maximum number of modifiers required per item. Examples:
  • A restaurant might create a modifier group called Steak Meat Cooked Level assigned to these items: Hamburgers, Cheeseburgers, and New York Steak.
  • A retail store might be more interested in items with variants.

Add modifiers and their modifier groups

Add modifiers to items to help servers order with precision. Use the Inventory app Inventory - App Icon to work with modifiers and modifier groups.

To add a modifier group and modifiers

  1. Open the Inventory app .
  2. Click the Modifier Groups tab.
  3. Click the + Add New Modifier Group button.
    add modifier group 3
  4. Enter information on the new modifier group:
    • Enter new modifier group name in the Modifier Group Name field.
    • In the Items dropdown menu, check the boxes of the items you want to add to the modifier group.
    • Use the Min required and Max allowed dropdown menus to set minimum and maximum modifiers.
    • Check the Pop-up box to have the modifier group pop up after adding an associated item to an order; the No next to the box will change to a Yes if the box is checked.

    add modifier group 4

  5. Click Save to finalize your changes.

Add a modifier to a modifier group

  1. Open the Inventory  app. Inventory - App Icon
  2. Click the Modifier Groups tab at the top of the page.
  3. Search or scroll to find the modifier group you wish to edit.
  4. Click the Edit button for that modifier group. Web Inventory - Edit Button
  5. (Required) Enter the name of the new modifier in the Modifier Name field.
  6. (Optional) Enter the alternate name and/or price in their respective fields.
  7. Click the Save button when finished. Web Inventory - Save Button

Enable modifiers to automatically pop up

  1. Open the Inventory Inventory - App Icon app
  2. Tap the Modifier Groups tab at the top of the page
  3. Search or scroll to find the modifier group you wish to edit
  4. Click the Edit Web Inventory - Edit Button button for that modifier group
  5. Check the box under Pop-up if you want the modifier group to appear automatically whenever an item with that modifier group is added to an order
    • Uncheck the box so the modifier group doesn’t pop-up automatically.
  6. Click the Save Web Inventory - Save Button button when finished