Alipay FAQs

Which merchants will be able to use Alipay?
Merchants with Clover devices (except Clover Go), can use Alipay. Certain state regulations prohibit its use in Florida, Oregon, Vermont, and West Virginia. Also, some services such as gambling, cash services, securities brokers and government services are excluded. Alipay will be automatically enabled for eligible merchants starting as soon as December 3, 2017.

Is Alipay secure?
Yes. Acculynk, a First Data company, secures the transaction to Alipay. Alipay sends confirmation of transaction back through Acculynk. Once a device receives authorization for a transaction, you can expect to be paid.

What is the timeframe for Alipay transactions to be processed?
Alipay transactions process, settle, and fund, based on China time (plus 12 hours to US Eastern Time Zone). China does not recognize Daylight Savings Time. Banks may be closed for a number of days for some Chinese holidays. Although Alipay authorizations are not impacted, funding for Alipay transactions will be delayed during these periods

How does the merchant know that Alipay transactions have been funded?
Merchants receive reporting from Client Line. All Alipay transactions are represented in the report as “APM.”

How do I get technical support?  
For technical support, please go to, or call our help desk at 877-273-8191 between the hours of 7:00 A.M.–1:00 A.M. eastern time, 7 days a week.