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  1. New Features 

    1. Clover Sneak Peek
    2. Clover Latest Features
    3. The Latest Apps
    4. Clover Home Web Dashboard Overview
    5. Clover Historical Launches
  2. Getting Started 

    1. Clover Overview (video)
    2. Setting Up Your Clover Station (video)
    3. Setting Up Web Dashboard to View Reports Remotely
    4. Transaction from Start to Finish (video)
    5. Closing Out & Adding Tips (video)
  3. Applications 

    1. 42 Dash
    2. Kitchen Display App
    3. Perka App
    4. DropThought App
    5. Commerce Sync QuickBooks Integration
  4. Employees, Managers and Admins 

    1. Shifts App: Sales and Timecard Reports By Employee
    2. How to Do a Manager Override of Clock In/Clock Out Times
    3. Timecards - Employee Clock In / Clock Out
  5. Inventory / Menus 

    1. Building your Retail Inventory using Excel and your Web Dashboard
    2. Menu Intake Form
    3. Menu Building Reference Guide
    4. Inventory App
    5. Adding Multiple Modifier Quantities
  6. Payments 

    1. Split Bill by Guest and Split Bill by Line Item
    2. Card Transactions App
    3. Offline Mode
    4. Using Custom Tender Types
    5. Entering Voice Authorization Transaction Codes
  7. Reporting and Metrics 

    1. Reporting App's By Taxes tab
    2. Clover Cash Reporting by Device
    3. Card Transactions Filters
  8. Refunds and Discounts 

    1. Add or Remove Order Level Discounts or Item Level Discounts
    2. Discounts App
    3. Creating Custom Discounts
  9. Printing Orders, Receipts and Signatures 

    1. Order Printer Confirmation and Item Void Approval
    2. Creating and Editing Printer Names
    3. Printing Individual Receipts for Split Orders
    4. Printing Order Bills Before Taking Payment
    5. Printing to Order Printer on 'Pay' (QSR)
  10. Tips and Service Charges 

    1. Clover Tips App
    2. Adding Tips and Close Out Orders
    3. Enabling Tips
    4. Automatic Gratuity or Service Charge for Large Groups
    5. Enabling Tip Suggestions
  11. Order Numbers 

    1. Taking Phone Orders Using the Customer App
    2. Enabling Manual Order Numbers
    3. Enabling Private Notes on Orders
    4. Order Number Prefixes
  12. Printers and Cash Drawers 

    1. Kitchen Printer Setup & Troubleshooting
    2. Pre-assigning Default Printers to Items
    3. Navigating the Cash Drawer and Cash Log
    4. Open Cash Drawer after Credit or Check Transactions
  13. Settings 

    1. Setting: Stay in a Category After Entering An Item
  14. Taxes and Regulatory 

    1. Editing Tax Rates on Device and Web
    2. Toggling Tax on Order Types
    3. Customer Facing Display Regulations
  15. Sales Resources 

    1. 3rd Party Apps on the Clover Platform (video)
    2. App One-Pagers
    3. The Clover Experience (video)
    4. The Beer Growler Finds Time For Growth with Clover (video)
    5. Rigsby's Kitchen Empowered by Clover (video)
  16. Troubleshooting 

    1. Kitchen Printer Troubleshooting
    2. Clover Help App
    3. Why is my Station printing blank receipts?
    4. Why are Order Numbers Not Printing in Order?
    5. Why is the PIN Pad option not showing during Payment?
  17. All articles 

    1. Editing Tax Rates on Device and Web
    2. Line Item Reporting
    3. Add or Remove Order Level Discounts or Item Level Discounts
    4. Clover Overview (video)
    5. Split Bill by Guest and Split Bill by Line Item
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